At Elishba Pest Control, we intend to make you feel secure by protecting your home or business from ants and bed bugs. We are licensed, certified, responsible and specialists in ant and bed bug control in Indore.

Ants are common pests to encounter worldwide. These tiny pests will enter buildings through minor gaps and cause damage by their feeding activity on electrical wiring and wood structures which can pose a fire hazard. Colonies are attracted to sweet foods but eat meat, nuts, seeds and grease. At, EPCPL, we offer effective ant control services that will eliminate the ant problem.

For bed buds, we do an exhaustive examination of the places where the bed bugs are and then infuse the regions with our high-level synthetics to remove it from the roots.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point had subterranean insects get into your home, you comprehend how disappointing it tends to be to see them following across your floors and ledges. Notwithstanding, those subterranean insects are something other than an irritation. They can likewise debase your food, spread unsafe sicknesses to you and your family, harm your property, and leave you with agonizing stings!

insect control is one of the most mentioned bug control administrations by home and entrepreneurs the same, and for good explanation! In our space, we have numerous subterranean insect species